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Trick Art Gallery 3D (Bali)

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Bali 3D Trick Art Gallery is located at 789 Road-Seminyak sunset road and opened on April 12, 2014. With the great attention of the public, including foreign tourists in technology, the development of civilization in the world photographer, making this gallery in the open. Collection of paintings in 3D Trick Art Gallery is very complete. Different types of painting tricks reliable and professional painters to make paintings that extraordinary results are spectacular.  Collection includes Classic theme roman, Dinosaurs, Animal, trick, Bali Themes, and many more are up to 80 tricks painting. The atmosphere in the collection is a favorite hill bridge accompanied by the flow of water.

When the first 3D Trick Art Gallery in Bali, but this new Trick Art Gallery but, pretty much demand it is possible a young age, even adults are very enthusiastic.  The thing that makes 3D Trick Art Gallery is growing rapidly and famous. Routine 3D Trick Art Gallery Bali is a permanent exhibition which is open daily Monday through Sunday, at 09:00 am to 22:00 pm. access to the location is also very convenient because it is near the Kuta beach and the airport.

Road and the location on the main road towards the sunset road of Seminyak, a large parking location makes 3D Trick Art Gallery is easy on the go with any kind of transportation,  Ranging from motorcycles, to four-wheeled vehicles. In addition, if you are lucky, visitors can see the process of making a 3D painting tricks from this gallery.


Sumber: www.balitrickart.com

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