The Tree Monkeys Restaurant

The Tree Monkeys Restaurant

Behind every successful restaurant story is a team, and the name Three Monkeys pays homage to the three founders, Chef Kali Sary, Architect Ketut Arthana, and Doctor Denise Abe, who combine their unique passions and skills to create a dynamic team. Run as a family restaurant, the friendliness of the staff is an essential part of the Three Monkeys experience. You will be treated to the big smiles and the warm-hearted hospitality that Bali is famous for.


To understand the true nature of the Three Monkeys cuisine you need first to understand the story of Chef Kali Sary, the creative visionary behind the eclectic menu and the decor. Her tale spans generations of cooks, a rich, multi cultural tapestry woven from the music of mandolins, sweets made from hand written recipes brought from the Greek isles, fresh seafood from Grandfather’s boat, vegetables grown from seeds carried years ago from Egypt, huge family Sunday feasts, homemade wine and ground breaking restaurants.

Kali apprenticed at her parents well known restaurant Prideau’s in Perth, Australia, there were also stints in graphic design and photography before wanderlust brought her to Bali in the 80s where she would make her mark as a well-loved DJ at the legendary Double Six Night Club in Seminyak. Europe was next, when a desire to learn more about her great grandmother led Kali to Sardinia where she mastered the art of Italian cookery and developed a life long passion for all things Italian.

When the Island of the Gods called her back she brought a slice of la dolce vita with her, taking over the kitchen at Double Six Italian Restaurant where she spent the next six years graciously hosting the Italian expat community and cooking up storms of pizza, pasta, and gnocchi. These days Kali divides her time between Three Monkeys in Ubud and Sanur, her talent for creating inspired and innovative food, flair for design, passion for life, and love of music infusing every aspect of both restaurants.

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