PT. Kesari Bali

PT. Kesari Bali

PT KESARI BALI, is a Sanur development company who have had experience in building villas, hotels and resorts on the island of Bali for over 15 years.

Our building methods meet western standards using much of the local materials available in Bali and other parts of the archipelago. We pride ourselves in using top quality products and  good building practices including the very best in architectural design and support.

PT KESARI is a Balinese building consulting and project management company offering a comprehensive range of services for those planning to build, buy, repair or maintain property in Bali. Our reputation is based on our business philosophy, to look after the interests of our clients with integrity and in an atmosphere of mutual trust and respect.

Our range of services

Project Management for commercial and domestic building projects and renovations including:

  • Managing the architectural and engineering design processes,
  • Managing the documentation and contractual requirements to safeguard the client
  • Supervising the construction process
  • Inspection and compliance monitoring.
  • Project cost management
  • Project time management
  • Quality control

Provision of Consulting Services including:

  • Land surveys and soil testing.
  • Building surveys, inspection and assessments.
  • Structural engineering design, inspection and repair.
  • Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing (MEP) systems design and documentation for new construction.


Why Sanur?
With a rich history in Balinese culture, Sanur has blossomed into a dynamic holiday destination because of its relaxed and authentic island charm. Miles of white sandy beaches and a range of water sports ranging from surfing, kite boarding, stand up paddle can be found on the boardwalk which runs the entire length of the beach. Perfect for those early morning sunrise photos or a cycle at sunset. Sanur’s main street is brimming with quaint boutiques, traditional market shops, international restaurants and entertainment venues.


Sanur – the jewel in the crown of Bali.

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